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The New Generation Likes It Big

Just when we are all starting to believe that size does not matter, reports are staring to tell us otherwise. It seems that over the last 30 years Americans have been living larger than ever before. This is true even though the average family size has been shrinking.   Who says we can’t keep up […]

Let’s Go to The Movies

After years of anticipation Disney is about to release another in the recent line of live action adaptations to their classic films. If the past is any indication of the future, then this one will not want to be missed.   According to IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action […]

Join The Fresh Trend

Farmers Markets Grow In Popularity   As American’s all over the country pay more attention to what they put in their bodies local farmers across the country are stepping up to produce wholesome and organic offerings.   Here in Miami-Dade county the ground is fertile and the harvest is in. There are a plethora of […]

Hail To The Chief Of Home Prices

Who doesn’t love to talk about politics? Probably the same people who enjoy a spirited debate about world religions around the Thanksgiving dinner table with the whole family.   Well, at the next holiday meal you can switch the subject to a more benign, but none the less interesting topic of real estate and the […]

Need A Late-Night Bite In Brickell?

Head over to Providores & Publicans   Here is the place for all of those late-night goers in the Brickell area. Providores & Publicans and chef Constantine de Lucia opened this eclectic bar and lounge, and it’s not to be missed.   You can find it in the former space of La Gozadera and Rubi […]

The Future Is Here

“If the home is vacant and empty, it won’t sell!” We hear it all the time. Just ask a photography expert who deals in real estate, and they will echo the same sentiment, “Empty homes don’t photograph worth a darn!” That would equate to less in person and online viewings.   Well, luckily Realtors have […]

There Is Always Something

While New York City might be called the city that never sleeps, Miami is the city that never fails to entertain!   There is always one thing that this town can be counted on for, good times! This month is no different. There are concerts going on all around town and all through the variety […]

Get It Right

A boatload of data was recently released from Quicken Loans in their latest HPPI (National Home Price Perception Index). It seems that here in Miami, homeowners and appraisers are not on the same page.   The one positive to take from this is that the advantage and favor falls on the side of the homeowner. […]

The Miami Boat Show 

February 16 – 20, 2017 Everything New in the Line of Boating, Fishing, Sailing, Paddle Boarding, Diving.   Don’t forget the cruising, racing or sailing boats. How about catamarans, power boats, and Yachts? They are all here in beautiful South Florida! That is why everyone is heading down to the Miami Boat Show. It is […]

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The real estate market in Miami is chock full of great deals… as long as you remain in the residence more than two years.   Hot off the presses is Zillow’s latest addition of their Breakeven Report and that is the conclusion they worked out. This report calculates how long a homeowner needs to stay […]